Organic Jojoba Oil

You can feel the change from
moisture barrier to elasticity care.

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Functional Ampoules

Take care of your skin with
various and suitable ampoules to your skin.

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Luxury Moisture Cream

You can feel the rich moisture that
natural ingredients replenish nutrients
and form a moisturizing film.

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Francoise Bbosong Sunstick

When the sunlight is intensive, come
into the shade of the Francoise sun stick.

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Feel healthy skin care with volufiline
from Sederma Co. in France.

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Yejiin Blossom Water Naturalized Shampoo

A natural shampoo with natural
made with soft and reliable natural ingredients.

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Brilliant Moisture Cream

Plant-based natural ingredients
make the skin soft.

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Fish Collagen Peptide Ampoule

Improve skin elasticity and anti-aging
with the skin applying collagen.

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EGF Repair Lifting Ampoule

Epidermal growth factors
to rejuvenate your skin.

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All In One Perfection Ampoule

Experience the amazing effects of
this perfect nature-derived ampoule.

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Volufiline Ampoule

Volufiline from Sederma,
France for elastic skin.

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Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule

Lock in moisture and
keep your skin hydrated all day.

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Galactomyces Luxury Moisture Essence

Infused with concentrated galactomyces ferment filtrate
to cultivate a clear and translucent complexion.

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Francoise, #1 on Naver Shopping

Organic Jojoba Oil unrefined (June 8, 2020)
100% Hyaluronic Acid high / low molecular weight (July 29, 2020)
100% Centella Asiatica Extract (July 29, 2020)


Yejiin Blossom Water SOUL

We strive to actively share
our nature-derived ingredients with everyone.


Eco-Friendly Packaging

Packages from Francoise are
made of eco-friendly materials.


Nature-Derived Ingredients

All natural ingredients at Francoise
are the fruits of 17 years of hard work.

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Make Your Own Luxury Cosmetics

Mix Francoise's functional ingredients into
your essences and creams for enhanced results.

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Natural Extracts

Products from Francoise are made with
natural ingredients and contains only raw ingredient
that have been rigorously and thoroughly verified.

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The #1 Natural Cosmetics Store

We enhance the value of life of our customers through valuable natural
ingredients data and Francoise's unique design obtained through
numerous scientific tests and development over a long period of time..